Now you can choose who can see your last connection on WhatsApp!

Without a doubt, one of the most useful privacy features of WhatsApp It has been to be able to hide the time of the last connection. Although it was a big step to be able to choose that no one see that data, now the company will make it more personalized.

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WhatsApp has been rolling out a series of updates that make it a multi-functional platform. As with Facebook, the company that bought the instant messaging app, since we not only use WhatsApp to communicate, but also as a work and entertainment tool.

WhatsApp will allow you to hide the last connection from certain contacts - Blog Hola Telcel

That is why the security of our information and privacy are increasingly important, forcing WhatsApp to adjust and improve the app so that it is more private and personalized according to the needs of each user.

How to choose who sees your last connection on WhatsApp?

According WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on giving its users the option to choose who can see their last connection, a new feature that will be available for Android and iOS devices.

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In most WhatsApp privacy settings you can only choose ‘Nobody’, ‘Everyone’ and ‘My contacts’. Options that will be applied in the same way in the configuration of the people who can see the last time we connected, the availability of our profile photo or our personal information, such as phone number and name.

While this new update comes to WhatsApp, there are other privacy aspects that you can already configure in a more personalized way. For example in ‘Groups’ and ‘State’ You can select that only certain contacts can add you to a new group or can see your status.

Configure WhatsApp privacy to change last connection - Blog Hola Telcel

This is how that option called ‘My contacts except …’ It will also already be available in the ‘Settings’ menu of the ‘Last connection’.

Other things that you will soon be able to do on WhatsApp

In addition to updating its privacy settings, WhatsApp has also announced that it plans to offer users the option to buy from the app without having to navigate to other pages. Also, we will soon be able to react to messages as we do on Instagram and Facebook. On Hello Telcel We will tell you about each of the updates, so stay tuned!

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