Now will Instagram Stories have a cost? This is what is known

A few weeks ago it was announced that Instagram is looking for an in-app method for more active users to have a chance to make money. In this line of monetization, it has been revealed that the platform belonging to Facebook could introduce Instagram Stories with cost, similar to new Super Follows from Twitter.

Instagram seeks to compete against Twitter's Super Follows - Hola Telcel blog

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The objective of this new proposal is to give users the possibility to create exclusive Stories for their followers, and that they pay a subscription to have access to said content.

Instagram prepares exclusive Stories for paid subscribers

He was the developer of Instagram, Alessandro paluzzi, who shared through social networks the first glimpse of the Exclusive Instagram Stories; the format they will take and the message that will appear if you are not a subscriber of said account.

In addition, Paluzzi mentioned that the Stories with cost will not allow screenshots so that exclusivity is respected and they will adopt a purple tone to distinguish themselves from the rest.

Exclusive Instagram Storiers, prototype of the new app to earn money - Blog Hola Telcel

Another advantage of this new Instagram story format is that creators will be able to save their creations and place them in a prominent place on their profile, so that their followers, or in this case subscribers, can see them at any time.

A prototype that could become a reality

At the moment, the screenshots shared by the Instagram developer are just a prototype of the Exclusive Instagram Stories. However, it is a first step in your idea of ​​making money through the application and benefiting content creators.

The Instagram Stories will now have a subscription cost.- Blog Hola Telcel

Many more updates, features and tools are expected to arrive very soon on Instagram, which is looking to compete against the popularity of TikTok or the Super Follows from Twitter. So you should be very attentive to Hello Telcel to be among the first to find out and take advantage of that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage.

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Would you pay for exclusive content from your favorite creators? Do you think what Instagram has in mind is a good idea? 🤔

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