Norton VPN: privacy and security when browsing the Internet

Surfing the Internet is a daily activity, necessary for work, school or for entertainment. However, it involves a risk as your information is exposed. Luckily there Norton VPN, which gives you bank-grade protection to ensure your privacy at all times.

Best of all, you can hire Norton VPN through Telcel and enjoy the most excellent protection to keep your digital life private. Just don’t stop reading and learn more about this great security application that gives you private access to the Internet.

Norton VPN, protection and security for your information

Norton VPN is the best alternative to connect and surf the Internet because all connections, whether to the WiFi network of your home or office or to public WiFi, are protected at three different levels: the first one is a bank grade encryption, with which the information and data transferred through all your devices is encoded so that no one has access to them.

The second consists of mask your IP address and location, with the aim that no one can track your activity on the Internet. Finally, Norton VPN too create a secure tunnel on the network, a private gateway in public WiFi networks, so you can access anywhere without risking your personal information.

Norton VPN protects against different Wi-Fi networks - Hola Telcel blog

Benefits of having Norton VPN

1. Security for you and all your devices

Norton VPN protects your security by blocking ads and intrusive activities used by some websites. Thus, you can navigate with freedom and peace of mind knowing that there is no possibility of threats or cyber attacks.

2. The best and most reliable technology

The same encryption technology that banks use is the one that Norton VPN implements on your different devices, preventing you from being tracked by advertisers and eliminating cookies from the sites you visit.

3. It is very easy to use

You can install it on Mac, PC, smartphones or tablets, either Android or iOS, and manage your devices through the Norton VPN web portal, with the convenience of easily contracting it with a charge to your Telcel Invoice.

Pardo enjoying the security of Norton VPN on his computer - Hello Telcel blog

How to contract Norton VPN with Telcel?

Now comes the simplest, hire and enjoy its many benefits, enjoying surfing the Internet without worries. For this you have to:

  1. Send a text message (SMS) to dial 2390, with the license key you want to contract.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS with the instructions to create and activate your new Norton account.
  3. Create your Norton account to manage the functionalities of your license on your devices and that’s it.

Norton Licenses / Activation Keys

Norton licenses, activation keys to contract from Telcel - Hello Telcel blog

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Protect your passwords, bank accounts and personal information while browsing the Internet. Are you ready to hire? 😊

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