Norton Security and other cybersecurity tips for your home office

One year after starting the home office in most of the companies, businesses and jobs due to the pandemic, it is very important to protect the security and information of your devices; tablets, computers and smartphones. This can prevent fraud, information theft, threats and cyberattacks, which have been increasing according to recent studies.

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To protect your cybersecurity you don’t need much, just follow some tips that we share here and always have a device Norton Security that supports you at all times and that it is also very easy to contract through Telcel.

Norton Security and 5 cybersecurity tips for your home office

1. Have Norton Security

Norton Security Online protects you against all kinds of threats such as risky applications, identity theft or loss, and websites designed to steal information. Best of all, it is available for Android and iOS devices, it also protects Mac and Windows computers, so that your entire digital ecosystem is protected.

Its installation is super simple and the Norton Security Online license is suitable for 1, 3, 5 or 10 devices, which can be managed from an easy-to-use web portal. In addition, it alerts about malicious applications and helps to recover lost devices.

Recruitment is also simple and there are three procedures for this. The first one is to send a text message (SMS) from your Telcel to dialing 2390 with the activation key for the license you want to contract. These are the options:

Telcel Norton Security payment methods

Or, from You subscribe by entering your Telcel number and create a Norton account to manage the functions of your license. While the third option is through a Telcel Customer Service Center.

2. Strong passwords

Try to have secure keys on any platform or social network that you use; passwords where you combine numbers, letters and symbols and are not easy to guess. On the other hand, experts recommend not using the same password on several platforms, since not all pages have the same level of security.

With Norton Security you can get the Password Manager app, which helps you protect your passwords.

3. Visit official stores

Making purchases and payments through the internet has become a common activity, but it needs a lot of care. Always verify that the applications or pages are safe and official, that they offer a guarantee of the product or service and that they provide important information such as their tax address, what data they collect from users and forms of payment or return.

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4. Don’t share sensitive information

We know that distance is an impediment to contacting people, but be careful not to share sensitive information such as bank accounts, passwords or personal data on social networks or chat. It is advisable to do it through PDF files, by email and never make copies of the information.

5. Pay attention to web addresses

Try to browse only websites that start with https, which are usually the safest and with protected information. These are also characterized by having a green lock to the left of the URL.

6. Keep your apps and platforms updated

Finally, it is advisable to keep your operating system and applications updated in their latest version to avoid vulnerabilities that may enter your devices and that may affect your privacy.

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In addition to the above tips, always make sure that your antivirus is up to date and that you have the most efficient one. Hiring Telcel Norton Security is the best option, with which you protect your digital life, your privacy and devices against viruses and threats. If you are already decided to hire, just enter this link to learn more and be amazed by Norton Security technology.

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Protect yourself from home in this home office and work with complete peace of mind by following these tips and having the best cybersecurity from Telcel Norton Security. 😊

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