No invitation needed: the launch of Clubhouse on Android

Many applications, stickers and capabilities are sometimes not available for all devices. However, very soon this will not be a problem for the trending social network that many want to join; well, it is already planned the launch of Clubhouse on Android, and very soon!

Since its launch last year in beta, Clubhouse was only available to iOS users. However, thanks to its growing use throughout the world, its creators Paul Davison and Rohan Seth decided to develop the special version for Google’s operating system.

Clubhouse launch on Android

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When is the Clubhouse launch on Android?

According to tweets from collaborators of the social network itself, the information points to an early launch, most likely in May, without having a precise date.

In fact, one of the designers, Mopewa Ogundipe, showed one of the screens of what the official version for Android will look like, making a comparison between the first advances and the current ones.

when is the Clubhouse for Android release?

This image was sent from the Mountain View Pixel –as the image indicates–, which indicates that it is already operating internally.

The good news is that the team that is in its development indicates that the tests of build Android have been offering great results for weeks.

The Android version appears to be stable, which means an imminent release in a very few weeks. So prepare your Android to download the app, wherever you are, taking advantage of the gigs that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan offers you while you browse with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage.

Clubhouse launch on Android

No need for invitation

Best of all, according to what Paul Davison has mentioned, is that the launch of Clubhouse to Android will no longer require invitations as a means of signing up. Davison spoke about this possibility for the next few months.

Possibly you know that to be part of the community of this social network, until now, an invitation is necessary; But now its co-founder points out that they want the application to be open to all audiences.

Clubhouse launch on Android

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Now, you have the operating system you have, make sure you are part of the different Clubhouse rooms with more interesting conversations, classes, courses and audios of all kinds.

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