Nintendo Switch Lite now with a discount of 57 euros and free shipping

The model that is in promotion is the one with a color finish Gray, without being one of the most striking that this device offers, it does fit perfectly with the tastes of most of those who want to buy one of these portable consoles. As usual, this product does not lack a screen of 5.5 inch that has 720p resolution and that allows you to enjoy without any problem all the games you want to use when you are both inside and outside the home. Obviously, connectivity has options such as Wifi that allows you to access the Internet without using any cable.

Gray Nintendo Switch Lite

It does not lack an Nvidia Tegra processor and 32GB storage In the model that is on offer, for all types of applications that you want to run perfectly and that you can have a good number of games installed. Regarding the sound, the one offered by Nintendo Switch Lite is stereo And it doesn’t lack a useful headphone jack in case you’re looking not to disturb anyone while gaming on the go. Another detail to assess is that this is a device that allows the use of high-capacity microSD cards, which is always positive when it comes to not having limitations is what you keep.

Offer that is irresistible

At the moment you can get the console we are talking about by paying only 172 euros, which is a 24% effective discount regarding what you usually have to pay in both physical and online stores. The fact is that the promotion is excellent and we believe that you should not miss it because you should keep in mind that you do not have to add anything for shipping costs at least at this time. This is the link that you have to take advantage of to make the purchase safely and quietly from home on eBay.

Small details of the Nintendo Switch Lite

One of the important is that controls that has the console we are talking about are integrated, so you will not have any problem to always enjoy regardless of whether or not you have accessories to get the most out of the Nintendo device we are talking about. Another thing to value in this product is that it has so much Bluetooth as with an NFC chip, which makes things much easier when it comes to using wireless options.

Rear of the Switch Lite

Finally, it should be noted that the battery inside the Nintendo Switch Lite has an amperage of 3,570 mAh, which ensures a good amount of hours of use regardless of whether or not you have a plug nearby. Recharging, and this we believe is important, is done through the use of a USB type C port, which ensures that you will not have problems when it comes to finding a compatible cable for this console that has a fairly content weight that barely reaches to the 275 grams.

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