Nintendo Switch Limited Edition Monster Hunter Rise with € 30 savings

It is a limited edition of the Nintendo console on the famous game Monster Hunter Rise that, as we can see, has a special design with different motifs from the video game that make it look like a Different and attractive Nintendo Switch. We can find different details and drawings both on the base and on the Joy-Con controllers themselves, as well as on the back of the console.

Enjoy your favorite titles wherever you go

As far as operation and equipment are concerned, this limited edition is like the standard version of the Nintendo Switch. A console that stands out above all for its great versatility, since it allows us to use it as a desktop console connected to the TV or as portable console to take it anywhere and enjoy our favorite games wherever we go. A characteristic that may be responsible for its great success.

nintendo switch Monster Hunter Rise console

Remember that the Nintendo Switch offers three different game modes that allow us to continue a game in any of them. That is, we can start a game in television mode and if we have to leave home, it will not be necessary to finish it or lose it, we can continue with it wherever we go in portable mode.

This Nintendo Switch edition Monster hunter rise It is equipped with a 6.2-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. It also has two Joy-Con controllers that allow you to turn the console into a multiplayer device. That is, it allows several people to play by controlling a Joy-Con each of them.

These controllers are equipped with various sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, and even an infrared motion camera that can detect the distance, size and movement of objects for a great gaming experience. In addition, for a complete experience, it offers surround sound in TV mode and has a good set of settings to perform a Parental control.

Nintendo Switch special edition on sale

The price of this limited edition of Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise is 419.90 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on Amazon, it is possible to get it with a discount of just over 30 euros, leaving its final price at 389 euros. You can take advantage of the order and buy any of the covers or cases to take your Nintendo Switch perfectly protected anywhere.

Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Box

The console is a product sold and shipped by Amazon that will be available tomorrow on the platform and offers a delivery time of one week, with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers. Either way, it is already possible to buy it and take advantage of the discount with which it is available at the moment.

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