Nintendo Switch console on sale now with one of its best prices

This is a model that offers a improved autonomy, so we are talking about the latest generation of the console we are talking about, and it does not lose anything that has made it a success in sales. An example is your screen 6.2 inch that allows you to play anywhere enjoying a 720p resolution (if it is connected to a television or monitor, it always reaches Full HD with 60 frames per second). In addition, it has integrated stereo sound, but it is completely possible to use headphones with the Nintendo Switch.

As far as connectivity is concerned, which is very important in this model, which is a fusion between a portable device and which is also suitable for use with Smart TVs, it must be said that it lacks nothing. In the wireless section it should be mentioned that it includes Wifi to be able to enjoy games with other users and, also, it has Bluetooth what is used for the use of accessories without connecting cables. In addition, it also has three ports USB, one of them being version 3.0. Therefore, there is nothing missing to always have all the options that are needed.

Offer to buy the Nintendo Switch console

Right now on eBay there is a promotion that allows you to get this product by paying only 314.95 euros, so we are talking about an interesting saving for a device that does not usually have any discount when Christmas arrives. To this we must add that right now shipping has no additional cost, which is an additional convenience that is possibly a clear purchasing decision factor. We leave the link for you to get this model that combines red with blue.

Important things about this product

One of those that should be taken into account is that there is 32 GB of storage inside. This is generally enough, but sometimes it falls a bit short if you are one of those who like to have a lot of games installed. In this case, you should know that it is possible to use microSD cards so that you do not have any problems (which can be up to 2 TB capacity, an excellent brand). This is something to keep in mind, as this Nintendo Switch console accessory is one of the first to be purchased.

Nintendo Switch console

The box in which the product arrives includes everything you need to enjoy from the first minute. An example is that it has the base to place it vertically if it is connected to a television and, also, the least Joy-con that are essential to enjoy away from home with friends.

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