Nine functions that WhatsApp does have and Telegram does not

During the last years Telegram has become the biggest competition of WhatsApp. Both are the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, which little by little have been increasing their functions and tools to please their millions of users who use them daily to communicate.

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You probably think that in terms of functions Telegram surpasses WhatsApp for long. However, there are some tools that Telegram does not have and that you can take advantage of in the app Facebook. Here we share a list of all of them so you can decide which is your favorite app.

Nine functions that WhatsApp does have and Telegram does not

1. Contact information

Also known as “text statuses”, it is the small description that you can add to your profile to identify yourself as a contact. This section has lost some prominence after the arrival of the WhatsApp statuses, but it is still a function that Telegram does not have and that allows you to indicate if you are available or busy.

WhatsApp profile information, to know if you are available or busy - Hello Telcel blog

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2. WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp did not want to be left behind and followed the fashion of Instagram and Facebook stories but in “status” format. They appear in a separate tab to the chats, texts, photos, videos, music and GIFs can be shared, and it is a function that Telegram has not acquired so far.

3. Add contacts by QR code

This is one of the most recent WhatsApp news, where it is possible to add a contact without having to know their phone number. Everything is through a QR code, which allows other actions, such as sharing a profile photo with another person and very soon making payments through the app.

Add contacts through the WhatsApp QR code, a function that Telegram does not have.  Hello Telcel Blog

4. Group video calls

Due to the last few months at home, WhatsApp group video calls gained much greater importance, since they allowed us to be in constant communication with friends and family despite the distance.

It has a limited capacity of up to eight people and to this day it remains one of the differences between both applications, but not for long, since Telegram works on its own group video calls.

5. Chat backgrounds

Although Telegram has many more customization tools to put your favorite color in the application, WhatsApp allows you to place a photo from your gallery as a different background for each chat.

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6. Alert for forwarded messages

As a security method and to prevent false information, WhatsApp integrated this function so that users know when a message has been forwarded many times and that it probably went viral, so it is not trustworthy. In Telegram, sadly, such a function is still absent.

WhatsApp notice that a message has been sent many times, a function that Telegram does not have- Hello Telcel Blog

7. Featured messages

There are those who have taken advantage of this WhatsApp function to turn the app into a notepad, since with highlighted messages it is easier to identify important information and not have to search through the chats. In Telegram there are only saved messages, which consists of a private chat with yourself.

8. WhatsApp Business

Another of the great advantages of the Facebook app is WhatsApp Business, focused on serving companies and businesses to increase their sales and have greater contact with customers, with catalogs that show the products and services of each enterprise. There is no similar thing in Telegram, but you can create commercial accounts for businesses.

WhatsApp Business, for companies or businesses- Blog Hola Telcel

9. End-to-end encryption

Although WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, the application has revealed that all the messages that are shared daily are end-to-end encrypted. This means that no one else has access to them. In Telegram, the security method they use is called “MTProto encryption”, which is not as secure, according to experts.

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Both applications have tools and functions that benefit users in different ways, but best of all, you can enjoy them and make the most of them thanks to the Double Gigs and unlimited social networks that your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan and the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage, no matter which one is your favorite.

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Both Telegram and WhatsApp will continue to be updated, so in the future both could have these same functions. In the meantime, tell us, what is your favorite? 😊

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