Night Shift | Night mode of the iPhone does not help you sleep better

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Study reveals that the Night Shift function of iPhones and other phones that adjusts to warmer tones does not help you sleep better

The cell phone use It has increased in recent years, even more people are occupying them at night. The function was designed for them Night shift that promises to improve sleep quality of people.

It is believed that blue light generated by mobile devices and computers alter the secretion of the hormone melatonin and the sleep cycle.

Night shift

To reduce this emission Manzana introduced in 2016 with iOS 9 a function called Night shift which adjusts the screen colors. In this way it is considered that the tension in the sight is lowered.

The dark mode which is available in the iPhone Adjusts to warmer tones on the screen after sunset, helping you sleep better. Other phones have a similar function.

However study revealed that this function does not help users to fall asleep. A team of American scientists revealed that attenuating the screen brightness To rest your eyes, it does not have a sleeping effect.

What did the study consist of?

The research published in the journal Sleep Health included the participation of 167 users between the ages of 18 and 24. They were divided into three groups: those who used their telephone at night with the function Night shift activated, those who used their mobile device without Night Shift and those who did not use their phone before sleeping.

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The volunteers were fitted with a device on their wrist that monitors sleep. It was found that there were no major differences that can be attributed to function Night shift.

“People who regularly slept almost 8 hours a night, abstaining from the use of their iPhone, showed a better quality of sleep compared to those who used their mobile devices with this functionality activated”

In this sense, the Brigham Young University (BYU) researchers suggested that it is not blue light that creates difficulties for to sleep. Since other factors also influence, such as cognitive and psychological stimulations.

The study concludes that Night shift it may darken the screen, but it alone will not help you fall asleep. The results show that it is best not to use the device before sleeping so that it does not affect when trying to fall asleep.

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