Nextcloud Hub 21 arrives with up to 10 times better performance, new features and more

The new version of Nextcloud Hub 21 was announced at an online conference where the Nextcloud team said the latest version offers up to 10 times the performance.

Nextcloud Hub 21 comes with several improvements in file processing performance with a Rust-based backend High performance that reduces server load for desktop clients by 90%. This release also comes with important new collaboration features in the areas of text, speech, groupware, and files.

For those who are unfamiliar with this platform, they should know that Nextcloud Hub 19 provides a self-sufficient solution to organize collaboration between company employees and teams that develop various projects.

Nextcloud Hub resembles Google Docs and Microsoft 365, but with much greater capacities, since allows you to implement a fully controlled collaboration infrastructure that operates on its servers and is not linked to external cloud services.

Nextcloud Hub integrates several open add-on applications on the Nextcloud cloud platform in a single environment, allowing you to collaborate with Office documents, files and information to schedule tasks and events. The platform also includes plugins for access to email, messaging, video conferencing and chat.

Main news of Nextcloud Hub 21

The Nextcloud team boasts that version 21 is much fasteras it has a number of huge performance improvements. Nextcloud has more than just your new backend boosting your speedas it comes with a wide range of performance optimizations aimed at increasing the responsiveness and capacity of large Nextcloud installations.

What’s more, They mention that Nextcloud 21 no longer supports PHP 7.2, for example. Su PHP 8 support and application and query loading improvements of databases with specific improvements in the way it handles text, object storage and LDAP group management they are elements that allow to increase the yield.

Widely used for note taking and writing, Nextcloud Text creates a load on the server by constantly checking for changes. The Nextcloud team says they have reduced this load by 25% and introduced a “standby mode” in which a document that is not used for 30 minutes stops polling the server.

The end result is a desktop user interface that is twice as responsive as previous versions.

New preview features from the client too make mobile clients more responsive, and Unified Search has been optimized for various applications. By adding all these improvements (database performance, file processing, specific application acceleration, and high back-end speed), Nextcloud claims that the capacity of Nextcloud’s large servers has increased tenfold.

“On the scale of millions of users, milliseconds are starting to add up. After analyzing the behavior of caching and database servers and applications, our team was able to significantly reduce the impact of day-to-day operations. The high-performance back-end offers a completely new way to reduce server load while providing a new level of user responsiveness, ”said Roeland Douma, Engineering and Support Manager for Nextcloud Servers.

To improve team coordination, Nextcloud Hub 21 presents a collaborative whiteboard application. It allows users to draw lines and shapes, take notes and write text, upload images, present work to other participants in a call, zoom in and out during a presentation, and much more.

This latest version also introduces author colors in the text: This makes it easy to track activity during a collaborative editing session. Each author and writer are assigned a different color, which is visible to everyone until the document is closed.

In addition to Nextcloud Hub 21, Nextcloud Talk offers message status indicators, a handshake feature, a group conversation description, full screen sharing, reduced CPU usage, and more with more easily accessible parameters.

Of the other changes that stand out:

  • Hand Raise: During a video call, you can now virtually raise your hand to get attention, such as asking a question.
  • Push to talk: thanks to this new feature, you will no longer be able to turn off the sound to speak during a call.
  • Group Chat Description: You can now add a description to group chats. Share common information on the topic, when you have regular calls or rules that may apply.
  • Improved call experience with foldable video bar, full screen sharing, and reduced CPU usage.
  • Enhanced chat screen with larger image previews, animated GIF support, and easy-to-access settings.
  • Nextcloud Mail features drag-and-drop support, configurable special folders, an improved view of discussion threads, updated attachment management, and much more.


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