New York City Opens Cyber ​​Attack Defense Center

New York City has become the first major metropolitan area in the United States to open a real-time operational hub to guard against cybersecurity threats, regional officials said.

Located in a skyscraper in lower Manhattan, the center has a coalition of government agencies and private companies, with 282 partners at large who share intelligence on potential cyber threats. Its members range from the New York Police Department to Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. to the Federal Reserve Bank and various New York health systems.

Until last week, the two-year effort known as New York City’s Critical Cyber ​​Infrastructure and Services was completely virtual.

New York’s Cyber ​​Defense Center opens as attacks on business and government infrastructure increase across the country. In recent months, cyberattacks have hit US oil pipelines, meat producers and software companies.

New York has long been viewed as particularly vulnerable because of its status as a business center and symbol of American financial and cultural power.

Source: WSJ

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