new Xiaomi smart lamp with Qi charging

More than anything because this is a smart lamp that has a wireless charging system in the base so that you can charge all kinds of compatible devices in the most comfortable way. As usual in this type of product, Xiaomi has once again allied itself with Yeelgiht, one of the great manufacturers of this type of WiFi lamps, to offer a very attractive product.

In addition, and how could it be otherwise in a product of the Beijing-based firm, Xiaomi has used its YouPin collective financing platform to present this smart lamp that is sweeping users thanks to a price that does not reach 40 euros to change.

A very versatile lamp

Xiaomi Yeelight Augus Lamp

For starters, the Yeelight Augus is a model that boasts a very attractive design, so it will fit perfectly on any desk table. Say that it boasts an adjustable arm that has been designed so that you can place it in different positions depending on your needs.

Maybe you want to use this smart lamp to work and you need the light to be above, or you want to enjoy a good book, so the light does not have to be so direct. In addition, it also has four intensity levels, so you can adjust the 90 LEDs that it incorporates this smart desk lamp so it lights up the way you want it.

And beware, the firm ensures that it is capable of offering a uniform light up to 1.5 meters, so you will have a very well lit environment. In addition, and as if that were not enough, its processor automatically regulates the intensity so that you do not suffer discomfort from eye fatigue.

Features 10W wireless charging

Yeelight Augus Charging Base

As you may have seen, this is a smart lamp that offers a level of light more than enough so that you can use it in all kinds of environments. But the best thing is that it is a connected model and that it is compatible with Xiao AI, Xiaomi’s voice assistant that could arrive in Spain very soon.

In this way, you can use your mobile phone to control every last parameter of the lamp, in addition to being able to power up the Yeelight Augus whenever you feel like it wherever you are. The icing on the cake is the wireless charging base that hides in the base of this smart desk lamp. Its coil is capable of charging at a power of 10W, more than enough for all kinds of devices, so it is a great value to take into account.

A very attractive product that can already be booked through Xiaomi’s crowdfunding page at a price of 289 yuan, about 37 euros to change. Undoubtedly, a very economical product and one that will have to be seen if it arrives in Spain, because buying the Yeelight Augus lamp will be a sure hit.

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