New Twilight movie! Kristen Stewart would return as Bella Swan

It has been almost 13 years since the Twilight saga began and it was a success at the box office, the story of a teenage love that launched to fame Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson. This time it was revealed that the actress could reprise her role as Bella Swan in a new film in the franchise.

New Twilight movie, Kristen Stewart would return as Bella Swan

If you were of the generation that saw Twilight on the big screen, surely you remember the story of Bella Swan, a girl who just moved into her father’s house in Forks, a small and rainy town. In his new school he meets Edward Cullen, he soon discovers that he has fallen in love with a vampire. Fans began to divide between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Which one did you belong to?

New Twilight movie!  Kristen Stewart would return as Bella Swan

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Will Kristen Stewart be in the new Twilight movie?

It has been revealed that Summit Entertainment wants to bring the Twilight plot back to theaters, a new movie is being planned and they are interested in bringing Kristen Stewart back as Bella Swan. Which leaves the most interesting question in the air: Will she agree to play the role again?

It all started in a rumor, but the interesting thing is that Daniel Richtman, a Twitter influencer who has told many real Hollywood secrets, has been initiated, so this could be one of them.

For now, Kristen Stewart is working on the film Spencer, directed by Pablo Larraín in which she will play the famous princess lady di, there we will see the stage in which the princess decides to leave her marriage to Prince Charles.

Kristen Stewart to play Lady Di

We will be very aware of the response of the actress, would you like to see her again as Bella Swan?

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