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Key creatives behind Invasion, For All Mankind, See and Mythic Quest stopped by Comic-Con today to tease the upcoming seasons of their Apple series—with Foundation‘s David S. Goyer chiming in via an onset video.

Speaking on behalf of the former alt-history space race series, recently renewed for a fourth season, was co-creator and exec producer Ronald D. Moore, who teed up “fairly seismic events” to come as the series winds down toward its Season 3 end, which will “propel pus in ways large and small into Season 4.”

Repping alien takeover series Invasion was co-creator, writer and EP Simon Kinberg, who equated the show’s upcoming season to “Act 2 of a movie where sh*t goes crazy.” Whereas Season 1 served as “the build” to the invasion,” he continued, “the second is the full-on action of the battle for Earth that I had always wanted for the show.”

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Kinberg added that Season 2 of Invasion picks up months after the events of Season 1, at which point humanity is well aware of what’s happening in their midst, with whole countries having been wiped out. It will explore the impact of the invasion not only from a big-picture, societal perspective, but also on the level of character, as our heroes come together to confront “a new type of enemy” and at the same time try to hold onto “things like hope and love and family in the face of that.”

Also unveiled today by Kinberg were several very early conceptual images boasting the new kinds of aliens that will present in Season 2, ranging from the “aggressive” to the “mysterious and beautiful.”

Mythic Quest‘s co-creator and EP Megan Ganz repped her video game-centric workplace comedy on the panel moderated by Entertainment Weekly’s Patrick Gomez, noting that if the end of Season 2 saw the show’s ensemble spread out in many directions, much of Season 3 will be about finding a way to bring them back together “in a way that seems organic.” She added that in its third season, the show co-created by and starring Rob McElhenney will continue to examine “how difficult creative partnerships are.” It will also take a look at the company behind the fictional hit video game Mythic Quest under the direction of David Hornsby’s David, with creative directors Ian (McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) having departed to pursue a new venture.

Also represented at Comic-Con today was the post-apocalyptic drama See, depicting a world without sight, which will soon return for its third and final season. Appearing on the panel on behalf of the show was showrunner Jonathan Tropper, who said that the third season’s villain won’t necessarily be “a person” but rather “the thing the world has been worried about coming back with vision, which is the science of the ancients, meaning us.”

While Dave Bautista’s Edo Voss—the brother of our protagonist, Baba (Jason Momoa)—won’t be back this time around as villain, one of his men will come upon “literature” on how to build explosives, with the show exploring “what happens when, after 500 years, the concept of bombs and explosives gets reintroduced into society.”

During today’s panel, Tropper teed up a new Season 3 trailer for See, which you can view below. Appearing in a pre-taped video from Foundation‘s Czech Republic set was creator David S. Goyer, who himself unveiled a clip and promo that were just for the room.

See returns for its third season on August 26, with Mythic Quest returning this fall on a date that hasn’t yet been disclosed. Return dates for Invasion and Foundation remain a ways out at time of reporting.

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