New Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner, complete features and price

One of the active things in this new accessory for the home is that it comes with a power that makes it a perfect tool for removing all kinds of dirt (including pet hair). This product has a 480W motor, which means a suction capacity that can reach the 160 AW. Obviously, this allows optimizing its use in all kinds of situations, including places as complex as mattresses or carpets (in this case, the ten watts more it has compared to the H6 model is quite noticeable and it should be noted that some surfaces are automatically recognized and in this way the work capacity is adjusted).

Roborock H7 Charging Base

A very interesting detail is that this Roborock H7 has a screen it goes where you can see the most important information when using it, such as the battery charge that remains or the suction power that is being used. This one looks pretty good, since it’s OLED. It should also be noted that a magnetic system to be able to place this handheld vacuum cleaner on its base (called MagBase). Therefore, in a very simple and comfortable way you can have everything organized and access the use of this product without having to make an effort.

Great autonomy in the Roborock H7

This is a very important detail, since we are talking about a wireless model and, therefore, that it has a battery that supports processes so that in two and a half hours the complete filling of the 80 Wh battery included. With it you can use the vacuum cleaner for up to 90 minutes using a mode called Eco that is powerful enough to be the one you use regularly.

The capacity of the Deposit in which the sucked dirt is stored, since now it reaches the 500 ml, so you will not have to go to visit the garbage can before finishing the cleaning of the whole house. With the option of being able to use the Roborock H7 with different accessories to always achieve the best possible cleaning, a good detail that is included in this model is that the bags that are used to store the powder are close automatically when removing them from the vacuum cleaner. Also included are some additional tools that are appreciated, such as blocking against use by children or that it is possible to use HEPA filters.

Roborock H7 Hand Picker

Price of this new handheld vacuum cleaner

If you seriously think about buying this Roborock H7, you should know that the price you have to pay for it is only € 399. A figure that, taking into account everything it offers, seems quite sensible to us. You can get it in different stores such as Amazon or eBay, something for which you will have to wait a day June 2nd And it has very good news associated with it: there will be an initial promotion that will allow you to buy this product for thirty euros less. Without a doubt, a good option that will never lower your suction capacity no matter how full your tank is.

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