New Renderings for Apple’s Planned Westside Campus

Culver City publishes draft Environmental Impact Report for planned Apple campus at Venice & National

By Dolores Quintana

Culver City has published a draft of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)–including new renderings–for the proposed plans from Apple to build a new campus in the city at Venice and National boulevards as reported by Urbanize Los Angeles. 

The project has been named Culver Crossing and actually sits on two land parcels, one at 8833 and 8825 National Boulevard and 8771 Washington in Culver City, and the second at d 8876, 8884, 8886, and 8888 Venice Boulevard and 8827 and 8829 National Boulevard in Los Angeles, California for a grand total of 4.46 acres. 

The current plan would involve the demolition of three of the existing buildings including 105,047 square feet of space which would allow the project to build the new campus which would consist of the proposed 536,000 square feet of the integrated office complex. The complex would have two buildings which according to the EIR would be comprised of building one, which would be four stories, measuring up to 56 feet in height to the top of the roofline, with a three-level subterranean garage containing 478 vehicular parking spaces and 51 bicycle parking spaces and Building 2 which would be four to five stories, measuring 56 feet to 75 feet in height to the top of the roof, with a three-level subterranean garage containing 738 vehicular parking spaces and 124 bicycle parking spaces.

This complex would be able to hold about 2,400 employees and other occupants. There would also be room for “associated production spaces for multimedia content creation and capture”. Proposed employee amenities would include an “employee cafeteria, coffee stations, employee shuttle service” and a “7,120 square feet publicly accessible, privately maintained amenity area along Washington Boulevard.”

The designer of record is now Gensler. Groundbreaking for building one is expected in early 2023 with completion coming in the fourth quarter of 2024 and building two beginning in the third quarter of 2023 with completion coming in the fourth quarter of 2025. The projected opening date for the entire complex is 2026 and would of course be dependent on Culver City and Los Angeles City approvals.

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