New Cheap Xiaomi Smart Lock with 6 Unlocking Methods

As you can see later, this is one of the best smart locks that you can buy within its price range. More than anything because the Asian firm has just put this Xiaomi lock Through its official website (at the moment it is only available in China), and its price does not exceed 142 euros at the exchange rate. And be careful, despite its reasonable price, it has the best technology to surprise you with all kinds of unlocking methods so that you can open the door in the easiest way.

A very resistant product

Xiaomi smart lock

To begin with, we are looking at a product that distills quality from each of its pores. All thanks to its incredible tempered glass finishes to give this smart lock an impressive look. To this we must add a body made of aluminum and stainless steel to make it shock resistant.

More than anything because this Xiaomi product has passed the most comprehensive security standards to ensure that this smart lock cannot be easily tampered with. And considering that its weight reaches 5.1 kilograms in weight, It is clear that its robustness is one of the great exponents of this gadget.

To finish with the design section, it should be noted that this Xiaomi smart lock has an installation guide so that the assembly process is extremely simple. In addition, although it works with eight AA batteries, you know that it boasts a microUSB connector so you can charge the lock if necessary. Of course, when it is running out of battery it will send you a push notification to your mobile so that you take it into account, so it is not an issue that you should worry about.

A smart lock that you control with your mobile

Smart locks

Continuing with the benefits of this new Xiaomi WiFi lock, it should be noted that this model is compatible with Mi Home, so you can use the popular application to control this element. More than anything because this smart lock offers 6 different unlocking methods, including fingerprint reader, NFC, and bluetooth.

In this way, if you have a phone with NFC technology, or even an activity bracelet, you can use these gadgets to unlock the door of your house. And watch out, what It is capable of registering 50 fingerprints, 50 passwords or 25 NFC devices So you will not have any problem to give permission to other people so that they can access your home or office when they see fit.

Regarding the price and release date, this Xiaomi connected lock has just been put on sale at a price of 1099 yuan, about 142 euros to change. A true knockdown figure for a product that boasts unquestionable quality.

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