New Boston Dynamics robot capable of moving boxes

Boston Dynamics robot

Boston Dynamics introduced Stretch, a robot designed to sort boxes in warehouses, the company revealed that it is capable of moving 800 packages per hour

More and more companies are developing different robots in order to streamline certain work processes. Boston Dynamics surprised when launching Stretch, which could revolutionize warehouse and warehouse work.

According to the company its robot It is designed to move boxes. It is capable of accommodating 800 boxes per hour, which would significantly improve warehouse tasks.

“We hear almost universally that unloading trucks is one of the most difficult and physically unpleasant jobs … And this is where Stretch comes in,” said Michael Perry, vice president of business development for Boston Dynamics.

stretch-move boxes

Stretch It has an autonomy of up to 8 hours, which would allow you to work continuously without having to charge the battery.

Boston Dynamics robot features

The robot from Boston Dynamics It has an extendable mechanical arm that is placed on a square mobile base with wheels. At its end it has a suction cup that allows you to take the boxes and move them.

The American company highlighted that Stretch It could hold packages of up to 23 kilos. You could also open the boxes and put them on the production line.

Boston Dynamics He also explained that he would not have problems moving around the warehouses since he has computer vision. Although its design is not that attractive, the company explained that it has great functions that allow to automate work in the warehouses.


Stretch was thought about the practicality that is needed in warehouses, its great mobility allows it to move easily in any direction, as well as avoid obstacles and slide down ramps.

The robot It is relatively small in size, allowing it to adapt to different environments. His arm has several postures, it offers seven degrees of freedom maximizing its performance.

“This base is capable of supporting the inertial force of the arm plus the box that swings with a fast weight, without having to depend on a steel plate of several thousand kilos bolted to the floor”, highlighted the vice president of commercial development of the company, Michael Perry.

It is expected that Stretch may hit the market next year, although its price is unknown.

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