Never turn it off and 4 common mistakes to avoid with your cell phone

We dare to say that our cell phones are the devices we use the most; They serve as an alarm clock, as a means of personal and work communication, to see our mail, entertain us or inform us on social networks or our favorite web pages. Taking care of them is very important and that is why we tell you some mistakes you should avoid with your cell phone.

We well know that the worst mistake would be to lose it, or a serious fall that does not save it to tell about it. But there are some factors that perhaps many of us had not taken into account to preserve its operation for longer.

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Mistakes to avoid with your cell phone

Never turn it off

When we finished using our computer, we turned it off, right? More or less like that we should get used to our smartphones. Even if we never really finish using it, it should also take a break from time to time.

Tech experts say that we should turn it off sometimes to extend the battery and restart it. It seems like the advice makes sense, right?

errors that damage cell phonesNever clean it

It is very important that you clean your cell phone well and with the proper technique, this to avoid contagion with viruses or unwanted bacteria. How? In this link you will be able to know what is the correct way to clean and disinfect it without harming it.

tips to take care of your cell phoneDon’t free up memory

Or, clean it inside, which means deleting files that only take up space.

You can go to your cell phone storage to check if you have applications that you don’t use, or find out which ones are using the most space in your memory and thus decide what to delete. You can use the TapCleaner or CleanMaster cleaning apps, or opt for the manual technique.

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Common mistakes to avoid with cell phones

Carry it in your pants pocket

This is a bad practice that many people already have as a habit. There are pockets so small that they do not guarantee protection against theft or a fall, even to the toilet! In addition to this, experts advise not to have it attached to the body due to the radiation that cell phones emit, that’s what the backpack or bag is for …

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things that can damage the cell phoneExposing it to extreme temperatures

Many cell phones get hot just by using them, now imagine leaving it sunning or freezing. That won’t do your cell phone any good. Also, do not leave it exposed in places with a lot of dust.

They usually resist light rain, but it will be much better if you know their IP protection degree (Ingress Protection in English) to find out what your cell phone resists and what doesn’t.

tips to take care of your cell phone

Now you know what mistakes you should avoid with your cell phone to guarantee eternal love until a new team separates them …

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