NetworkManager 1.30.0 arrives with support for WPA3 Enterprise Suite-B and more

After almost two months of development, the new version was launched stable interface to simplify the configuration of network parameters, NetworkManager 1.30.0.

This new version stands out for admitting new ethtool download features, as well as the support for 192-bit WPA3 Enterprise Suite-B and also a new hostname setting to control hostname setting from reverse DNS lookup and from DHCP.

For those who are unfamiliar with NetworkManager should know that this is a software utility for simplify the use of networks of computers on linux and other Unix-based operating systems. This utility takes an opportunistic approach to network selection, trying to use the best available connection when outages occur, or when the user moves between wireless networks.

You prefer Ethernet connections over “known” wireless networks. The user is prompted for WEP or WPA keys, as required.

NetworkManager has two components:

  • A service that manages connections and reports of changes in the network.
  • A graphical desktop application that allows the user to manipulate network connections. The nmcli applet provides similar functionality on the command line.

On the other hand plugins to support VPN, OpenConnect, PPTP, OpenVPN, and OpenSWAN are developed as part of their own development cycles.

Main new features of NetworkManager 1.30.0

In this new version the ability to build with the Mus standard C library has been implementedl, plus support for Veth (virtual Ethernet) devices was added.

In addition to the support for 192-bit WPA3 Enterprise Suite-B, as well as the support for new features of the ethtool utility to use download drivers for a network card.

On the other hand, the dhcpcd plugin now requires at least the dhcpcd-9.3.3 version with the “–noconfigure” option to work.

Added support for reading and writing the keyfile format in libnm. Libnm code license changed from GPL 2.0+ to LGPL-2.1 +.

Added the option to the initrd and provides support for the new “link6” method for IPv6 with link-local addresses.

Of the other changes that stand out from this new version:

  • Added option “ipv4.dhcp-client-id = ipv6-duid” (RFC4361).
  • New settings have been implemented to control host name resolution based on reverse resolution in DNS or using DHCP.
  • NetworkManager-wait-online.service timeout increased to 60 seconds.
  • OVS: Supports the configuration of external identifiers.
  • In initrd, support for the option is added and the new IP method “link6” is now supported for IPv6 link-local only.
  • Using ci-templates for containers in gitlab-ci and test build against Alpine Linux in gitlab-ci.
  • build: new configuration option to set the path to “polkit-agent-helper-1”.
  • Lots of bug fixes, improvements, and translation updates.

Finally, yesi want to know more about it you can do it from the link below.

How to get NetworkManager 1.30.0?

For those who are interested in being able to obtain this new version of NetworkManager 1.30.0, you should know that at the moment there are no packages built for Ubuntu or derivatives. So if you want to get this version they must build NetworkManager 130.0 from source code.

The link is this.

Although it is a matter of a few days for it to be incorporated into the official Ubuntu repositories for its prompt update.

So if you want, is to wait for the new update to be made available within the official Ubuntu channels, you can check if the update is already available in this link.

As soon as that happens, you can update your list of packages and repos on your system with the help of the following command:

sudo apt update

And to install the new version of NetworkManager 1.30.0 on your system, just run any of the following commands.

Update and install all available packages

sudo apt upgrade -y

Update and install only networkmanager:

sudo apt install network-manager -y

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