Netflix will also create short and comic videos in the style of TikTok

The short video trend has hit Netflix. After the success that TikTok obtained in the new generations, other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook implemented new functions to continue attracting the youngest.

However, this trend has also reached the platforms of streaming And now Netflix will also start creating videos very similar to what we can currently see on TikTok.

  Fast Laughs short Netflix videos.  - Blog Hola Telcel

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What will short Netflix videos consist of?

At the beginning of 2021 rumors began to circulate about the supposed plans of a new function within the platform that would be called “Fast Laughs”. And now, almost a year later, Bloomberg confirmed the premiere of this new category that will be implemented at some point this year.

In the new Netflix category, ‘Fast Laughs’, you can find short and comical videos starring characters from some series such as Jerry from the series Seinfeld, Ali Wong of Baby cobra or even animated characters like Jessi Glaser from Big mouth.

Jessi Glaser will be one of the protagonists of the short Netflix videos - Blog Hola Telcel

“We are always looking for new ways to entertain and make discovery easier for members,” Patrick Fleming, director of product innovation at Netflix told The Verge. In addition, he added that Fast Laughs is a “New full-screen stream of fun clips from a wide variety of Netflix titles, ranging from movies and series to our vast bank of stand-up specials.”

There will also be short videos on Netflix for the little ones!

In addition to the above, there will also be a feature called “Kids Clips”, which will appear in the Netflix iOS application. It will show short videos of the company’s series and children’s films.

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There is no arrival date for these new features yet. However, the first of them, ‘Fast Laughs’ is now available in the United States and works exclusively on devices with an iOS operating system. What character would you like to see in short Netflix videos?

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