Netflix tests function for users to stop sharing their password


To prevent passwords from being shared, Netflix reported a new system that prevents the service from being used if they do not live at the same address

Netflix has become one of streaming platforms most popular worldwide. However, one of its most constant problems is that its users share their password.

To avoid this situation, the service has tested a new function to prevent people from using the service if they do not reside next to the owner of the bill.


Through a statement Netflix detailed that its system was designed to help ensure that people who use company accounts platform they are authorized to do so.

How will this new measure work?

In the social media some users started to share some screenshots of the message that reached them where they are informed that they will no longer be able to watch the contents If not, they are within the owner’s home.

“If you do not live with the owner of this account, you must have your own account to continue watching content”

People should verify that they were the account holder or that they were in contact with them. Since he had to enter a code that was sent by email or text message to the address or number associated with the owner.


But there also seems to be a way to “check later”, or ignore the message. The window will appear moments later. If you do not confirm that they are authorized users, the configuration of a new account will be requested.

In this way Netflix does not focus on detecting people who share your password with relatives or residents of the same household. But prevent it from being used by other people who have not been authorized.

According to company data, Netflix it has 200 million subscribers in the world. And 33% of them share their password with at least one other person.

So far it is unknown how the streaming service could use the system. And if there will be a calendar where it will send the mail to its different users.

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