Netflix series that won an Emmy and that you cannot miss

Netflix once again dominated the 73rd Emmy Awards with repeated nominations for its original series and ten well-deserved accolades that it took home.

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Now, if you missed the great awards ceremony, don’t worry, here we share the two Netflix original series that shone like no other production and that you definitely have to see.

The Crown and Lady’s gambit, the Netflix winners

1. Olivia Colman’s performance in The Crown made her the queen of the night

The jewel of the Netflix catalog, The Crown, It triumphed in a big way this year with eleven awards towards its fourth season, among them for best drama series.

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The series directed by Peter Morgan garnered applause from the public thanks to its iconic fourth season, in which we learned a little more about the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales.

Additionally, Olivia Colman won an Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Actress for her role as Queen Elizabeth II, a performance worthy of praise. For his part, Josh O’Connor won the Emmy for best dramatic actor for his portrayal of Prince Charles.

For the presentation of each award, Peter Morgan and the cast connected live from London to give a speech of appreciation.

“We are going to have a party now. I am speechless and very grateful “ The manager mentioned after the big night.

2. Anya Taylor-Joy fell in love with everyone in Lady’s gambit

Without a doubt, the miniseries that stole everyone’s heart this year and encouraged many to buy a chess board and start practicing, could not be missed on the great night of the Emmy Awards.

The Netflix original series tells the story of an orphan girl with great chess skills who stands out in the world, becoming the best of all. Lady’s gambit he won the award for best miniseries thanks to his level of production and the influence he had on the audience. And, definitely, it is a proposal that you cannot miss.

Lady's Gambit Netflix Original Series Winner of the Emmy Awards - Hola Telcel Blog

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Lady’s Gambit, inspired by the novel by Walter Tevis, is a fantastic story about the power that women had even in times when they were not believed in. In addition, Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Beth Harmon, is the new promise of film and television whose career is just beginning.

Now you know, if you were looking for something good to watch on Netflix,Lady’s gambit and The Crown they are the best option! Tell us if you already saw them and which one is your favorite. 😉

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