Netflix releases teaser for the last season of ‘Luis Miguel: The series’

This morning Netflix surprised fans of Luis Miguel: The series with the first preview of the third and final season. In addition, as part of the promotion, they created a Web page in which you can download the first images by focusing on the sun from your cell phone.

What details were revealed about the last season of ‘Luis Miguel: The series’?

Curiously, Mexico City woke up with cloudy skies and many fans could not complete the process to visualize the first images. Most users commented on the dynamics that they came from Mexico and Argentina and that after the rainy morning, they will have to wait to see them.

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New details revealed about Luis Miguel: The Series on Netflix - Hello Telcel blog

Netflix has also taken it into play and responded to some of the comments from the original post. “The weather became haughty, precious and proud”, he answered in one of them.

While the sun lets you view the images, you can prepare for the next big premiere by enjoying the greatest hits of Luis Miguel on Clear music and not miss any detail of the series thanks to the fast navigation of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

First teaser and release date for the last return of the Sun

Along with the dynamics of “The Message of the Sun”, Netflix launched the first teaser from the last season of Luis Miguel: The series. In just 23 seconds that the preview lasts, we were presented with the return of one of the most emblematic characters of the first season, Luisito Rey, played by ├ôscar Jaenada, a reunion with Mariah Carey and a fragment of The bikina, which introduces us to the last years of the singer’s career.

Finally, during the teaser, Netflix unveils the premiere date of the latest season of Luis Miguel, which is scheduled for next October 28, 2021 at 7pm through the platform of streaming.

New actors and actresses will join the last season of Luis Miguel: The series.- Blog Hola Telcel

This last season will be joined by new faces to the cast, including Jade Ewen, Plutarco Haza, Mauricio Abad, Sebastián Zurita, Alejandra Ambrossi, Miguel Rodarte, Carlos Ponce and Antonio Mauri. What will be the roles they will play? Discover all the details of Luis Miguel: The series on Hello Telcel.

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