Netflix creates interactive exhibition of ‘The Squid Game’ and you can play!

Less than two weeks before the premiere of the South Korean series, The Squid Game It has become a worldwide phenomenon that everyone is talking about. A proposal that did not have much promotion by Netflix, but after its success, the same platform of streaming recreated the set of the series, in which fans can participate in the games.

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This is the Squid Game Pop-up Exhibition!

From September 5, a couple of weeks before the series premiered, Netflix announced the installation of an interactive exhibition in which fans can take photos, watch some videos and images of the series on giant screens, as well as try to overcome the grim challenges faced by participants in The Squid Game.

As seen in the videos published by Netflix and by those who have already visited the exhibition, within the interactive set you can find stairs adorned with the official posters of the series, the ball machine, children’s games and, of course, the doll that is being observed. each of your movements.


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How, when and where to visit the exhibition of The Squid Game?

The exhibition was mounted at the beginning of September at the Itaewon station of the Seoul subway in South Korea. Initially, they announced that the temporary exhibition would end on September 17, however, after the success of the series around the world, many tourists wanted to visit it, so they decided to extend it for another ten days. So it was open to the public until September 27. Luckily, Netflix announced a possible reopening so that more fans of the series will have the opportunity to visit it.>


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It is not surprising that this exhibition is located inside one of the most popular subway stations in South Korea, since the protagonist of the series, Seong Gi-Hun, engages in this gloomy dynamic when an agent approaches him at a station subway and start to play.

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For now, both the display of The Squid Game as the series have been a resounding success. So tell us, would you dare to play it?

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