Netflix adds in Spain the ‘Play something’ function to suggest content when the user does not know what to watch

Netflix ‘Play Something’ function. – NETFLIX

MADRID, April 28 (2021) –

The streaming content platform Netflix has launched this Wednesday in Spain, and globally, the new ‘Play Something’ feature, a new button with which Suggest series or movies to users to watch when nothing comes to mind. and starts them directly.

The ‘Play Something’ function suggests series or movies that the user may like based on your previous viewing history on the platform, as Netflix has explained through a statement sent to Europa Press.

This feature “takes work” from users, as the company has stated, and is designed to help in times when people not feeling like making decisions or when people cannot agree on what to choose.

When users choose this option, the platform suggests new series or movies from your catalog, but also keep watching content that has already started or they had added it to their list.

The ‘Play Something’ button is available in three places: below the profile name, about him 10th row of Netflix home page and in the navigation menu on the left side of the platform. The new feature supports text-to-speech conversion.

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