NASA publishes video of solar explosion: how will it influence the Earth?

Recently the POT shared a video in which a solar explosion of great magnitude can be seen. The US space agency commented through its Twitter account on said explosion and described it as “significant”.

The Dynamics Observatory Solar of the POTin which they study the effects of Sun on Earth, captured the event, which was classified as M5.5 on January 20.

This was what the POT on his official account: ”Sun emitted a significant solar flare early this morning, peaking at 1:01 a.m. ET. The Solar Dynamics Observatory of the POT captured an image of the event, which was classified as M5.5.

you’re probably wondering how does this affect planet earth? We explain it to you.

NASA shared a video of a large solar explosion.-Blog Hola Telcel

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What are solar flares and what effect do they have on Earth?

The flares or solar explosions are the astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the gases of the Sun they move and as a consequence the magnetic fields become entangled, twisted and stretched. This results in the sudden release of energy, causing a strong activity on the surface of the Sun.

in accordance with the POT, this phenomenon can affect radio, electrical and navigation signals, causing a failure in the communication networks of our planet. and thus complicating the operation of telecommunications.

Thus, those powerful bursts of energy released after a solar flare, according to the POTcan affect radio communications, electrical power networks, and navigation signals, as well as pose risks to spacecraft and astronauts.

But don’t worry, because according to the scale used by scientists (NOAA Space Weather Scale), this explosion of magnitude M5.5 would be the equivalent of a moderate burst.

Learn about the effects that a solar explosion has on our planet.-Blog Hola Telcel

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How long does a solar flare last?

Although this astronomical phenomenon can last from minutes to hours, the effects it causes on the system solar they are immediate, because, being energy that travels at the speed of light, it reaches everything that is illuminated by the Sun. The alteration is instantaneous and increases the level of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet (EUC), causing the lower layers of the Earth’s ionosphere to be ionized.

When an intense flare is released by the Sunthe lower or denser layers of the ionosphere experience ionization, causing radio waves that interact with electrons in the lower layers of the ionosphere to lose energy due to stronger collisions, thus disrupting the communication networks of our planet .

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NASA keeps an eye on the Sun at all times

Through its Space Weather Study channelthe POT informs us about the climatic conditions of the Sun. Said observation is carried out by means of a fleet of observatories solar created to study aspects such as the atmosphere, particles and electromagnetic fields of space in order to understand the physical processes that drive the space environment and use that information within their simulators and training for missions in space.

Tell us what other things you would like to learn about our Sun?

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