Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller – Discounted at Amazon

At this point in the film, no one is aware that having a quality control can make the difference between starting to aim and receiving the coup de grace. This means that if much of our time is spent playing, we should invest in the right tools. Therefore, attentive to the offer that is available right now on Amazon by the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro.

Revolution Unlimited Pro on the side

A very «PRO» controller

We are facing a controller for PS4 designed for the highest competition and that is in the hands of the best-known gamers. It is the first Nacon controller for PS4 that features a wireless mode. It also offers all the desirable customization options, both manual and via software, that a competitive gamer might need. For example, we can change button assignment, response curve of the left and right joysticks, the reversal of axes and joysticks, the sensitivity of the dead zone of each trigger and the intensity of vibration, among other possibilities.

This controller stands out for its ergonomics, comfort, soft to the touch and lightness. Those who have tried it claim that it blends perfectly with the hand. In addition, it can be easily adjusted thanks to its interchangeable heads (concave or convex) and levers (of different diameters). To achieve perfection based on the tastes of each user, additional weights can be added to the hidden compartments of each handle of the controller (very Pro).

Revolution Unlimited Pro sideways in hand

The Revolution Unlimited Pro has a Bluetooth receiver, so we can choose between wireless and wired mode. It also includes a headphone jack for audio and chat functions in both communication modes. The controls at the bottom give convenient and quick access to volume, game mode or world communication mode. What’s more. In Advanced modes, game profiles created with the included software can be accessed. As a good gaming controller, you can also change the color and brightness of the joystick backlight right for a totally personalized touch

A safe investment

It is clear that with all of the above, we cannot hope to buy a controller in this category at a cheap price. The investment will be considerable, but luckily at the moment it is at a discount on Amazon. The official price of the Revolution Unlimited Proy that we can see on the Nacon website is 170 euros. However, right now we can buy it for 134 euros. It must be taken into account that the demand for this product is high, and that Amazon admits its purchase but taking into account that the arrival in warehouses is scheduled for May 15. However, the discounted price is temporary, so it could return to its normal cost at any time.

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