MWC 2021 | The Barcelona mobile event looks emptier than ever

MWC 2021

Due to the pandemic, it was decided to carry out the MWC 2021 in a hybrid way, however the Barcelona congress looks emptier than ever

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the most anticipated events in the world of technology. However, the event in Barcelona has not had the desired reception.

On June 28, the MWC 2021Despite the warning, the organizers decided to carry out a hybrid congress That would allow a physical resumption of the event, but at the same time it would allow a large influx.

MWC 2021 empty

However, the strategy does not seem to work and the space looks emptier than ever. Although the forecasts were not favorable, the organizers decided to continue with the event in person.

But the first images released of the MWC 2021 They show large empty spaces, little physical presence of the brands, so there are no large stands and no great news.

So far the attendance is well below the expected one, which was already announcing a low influx. The first reports indicate that the MWC 2021 has presented only 10% of the attendance which was usual.

In 2019 the record was broken with 109,000 attendees, with 2,400 exhibitors distributed over 120,000 square meters.

“Hall 3, where most of the technology brands used to be located, has shown a bleak outlook this year”

MWC 2021 assistance

Several companies had announced in advance that they would not present themselves physically, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Nvidia, TCL, LG, Nokia, Lenovo, Google, Amazon and Qualcomm.

In this sense, of the 2,400 exhibitors that were in the 2019 edition. Now only 300 have been presented that have been distributed only in two pavilions.

Although the MWC 2021 It has been without mobile presentations, the door has been opened for several CEOs to participate in a virtual way, such is the case of Cristiano Amon from Qualcomm, Elon Musk from Tesla and SpaceX and Eugene Kaspersky from Kaspersky.

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