Mozilla is already testing sponsored thumbnails in Firefox “again”

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The Firefox developers have started introducing within the browser new places for advertising. Ads called “Sponsored Thumbnails or Popular Sponsored Sites” appear on the home page when a new tab is opened. To be more precise, only a small percentage of Firefox users will see the ad.

And the reality is none other than the well-known decadence of Mozilla that needs the money, since the main problem with Firefox is its inability to generate revenue and its reliance on search engine associations, with Google leading the way.

The situation with the coronavirus did not help at all and the company decided to dispose of a quarter of its workforce.

To make money, Mozilla decided to test this experimental feature on a small percentage of Firefox users and in a limited number of markets. This is not a new idea, since Mozilla announced it in 2014, explaining that the announcement would be made at the tile level when opening a new tab (the program was called “Directory Tiles”, or Directory of Roof tiles).

But the push for publicity seemed to send a mixed message to Firefox users. In fact, Mozilla is recognized as a privacy-oriented browser and one of the biggest promoters of ad-blocking extensions.

After experimenting with sponsored tiles in the stable version of Firefox since November 2014, Mozilla decided in December 2015 that it was no longer possible to continue down this path and decided to terminate it “in the next few months.”

The foundation preferred to focus on content discovery to stay true to its long-standing principles and no longer be thrown between two goals that can be difficult to combine: advertising online and preserving privacy.

Mozilla admitted that advertising in its browser can be a major source of revenue for him, but the foundation said it puts more emphasis on user experience.

“Advertising in Firefox could be a big problem, but it’s not the right business for us right now because we want to focus on the core experiences of our users. We want to reinvent the content experience and content discovery in our products, ”said Darren Herman, vice president of content services at Mozilla.

Of course, Mozilla didn’t completely close the door on advertising, believing that a winning strategy had to be found for both users and advertising partners. The foundation added that it will “continue to explore ways to bring a better balance to the advertising ecosystem for the benefit of all, and to build successful products that respect user privacy and offer experiences based on transparency, choice and control.”

Mozilla said it is working with advertising partners to place popular sponsored sites on the Firefox home page (or when opening a new tab), which would be useful for Firefox users. As the goal of all advertising, the basis is pay per click. In other words, Mozilla gets paid when users click on sponsored sites.

“Popular sponsored sites (or ‘sponsored tiles’) are an experimental feature that is being tested by a small percentage of people using Firefox in a limited number of markets. Mozilla is working with partner advertisers to place sponsored thumbnails on the Firefox home page (or new tab) that may be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla gets paid when they click on sponsored thumbnails. “

Mozilla said nothing has changed except that users will now see ads in the places mentioned previously. The foundation also specifies that this will in no way affect your browsing or your user experience, because it is possible, with a few clicks, to disable the display of these ads.

At the same time, reiterates its commitment to respect privacy and notes that this is central to its mission. To that end, he stated that he would only work with advertising partners that comply with his privacy standards for Firefox and added that he currently only has one partner who is adMarketplace: “Protection of life Privacy is central to Mozilla’s mission and we only work with partners that respect our privacy standards for Firefox.


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