Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker has hit rock bottom and is looking for a new future

A year ago Mitchell Baker Named Mozilla CEO and on the Mozilla blog this news was released, a year after that Mitchell Baker undertook an analysis of his career as CEO.

And it is that in a blog post, the CEO of Mozilla has expressed everything he has experienced during this time in which he took the reins of Mozilla and all the challenges he has had to face since then.

“I’m celebrating an anniversary this week at Mozilla, which is a bit of fun, because I was part of Mozilla long before it had a name. Mozilla is in my DNA, and part of my DNA is in Mozilla. Twenty-two years ago I wrote the open source software licenses that still carry our vision, and throughout my years here I have had several hats. But a year ago, I became CEO for the second time, and I have to say up front that being CEO this time is the most difficult role I’ve ever had here. And perhaps the most rewarding.

“On this anniversary, I want to talk about what it means to be the CEO of a mission-driven organization in 2021, with all the complications and potential that this Internet age brings. Those of you who know me know that I am generally a reserved person. However, in a time of rapid change and tumult for our industry and the world, it seems right to me to share some of what this year has taught me. ”.

In her post, she gave six lessons she learned during her year as the CEO of Mozilla, a year that destabilized the entire world due to the pandemic, and mentions that it has made this part of her role as CEO of Mozilla more difficult.

It has eliminated the serendipity of break room conversations or even the chance meetings at conferences that sometimes lead to the next big adventure. But Mozilla has been better prepared than most companies for a completely remote year, given that our workforce was already 40-50 percent spread out to begin with.

  1. As CEO, I am between two worldss: In it you mention that there has always been tension in Mozilla, between creating products that reflect Mozilla’s values ​​in the most complete way that we can imagine and products that meet the needs of consumers.
  2. It is a tension that fills me with enthusiasm and gives me energy– You mention that as the co-founder and president and director of the Mozilla project Lizard Wrangler before that, you have been the standard bearer for Mozilla’s value system for many years and see this as a role that goes beyond Mozilla employees, as the CEO is responsible for all employees, volunteers, products, launches and the success of the company, while also being responsible for upholding the values ​​that are at the heart of Mozilla.
  3. Change requires following a new path: Mention that if Mozilla intends for the Internet to be different and pBy definition, if they are trying to find themselves in a different place, they cannot go the same way.
  4. The sum of our parts: Mozilla’s mission and structure is to benefit from the global force created by all of its employees, volunteers, friends, users, followers, and customers.
  5. Bring to me great ideas: He mentions that he is always looking for good ideas, great ideas and has found that as CEO, more people are willing to turn to with his big ambitions than tThey also come from volunteers, people totally outside the company, academics, friends, all kinds of people.
  6. We seek to be an example: an organization cannot change everything. At Mozilla, they dream of a software and Internet ecosystem that is diverse and distributed, that elevates, connects, and enables visions for everyone, not just businesses or individuals, but they are fully aware that nor they can make this change on their own.

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