Motorola Bluetooth headphones on sale now for only 55 euros

This is an accessory that is similar to Apple AirPods in that they do not have any cable to communicate with the sound sources and, also, to hang the device from the neck. Therefore, the freedom they offer is excellent no matter how you look at it. The connection interface used by these VerveBuds 500 is Bluetooth 5.0, so you will not have any problem for use with both terminals ios What Android, so their compatibility is excellent, since they can even be used with computers and tablets.

Using Motorola VerveBuds 500 Headphones

One of the things that usually worries in products of this type, and the Motorola headphones we are talking about are no exception, is everything that has to do with autonomy. Inside each of the sound elements a 45 mAh battery is included, but the really interesting thing is that in the circular transport case that this accessory has there is one that reaches 250. This means that arrive at 10 o’clock of use without looking for a plug is entirely possible and, for many, this is more than enough. By the way, recharging is done by using a USB cable.

Offer that you should take advantage of for the VerveBuds 500

Well, the truth is that the existing promotion on eBay is excellent, since the discount arrive at 42%. This simply means that to have this accessory at home you only have to pay 55 euros, a very interesting amount for wireless headphones that are of quality and quite complete. We leave the link that you have to take advantage of where right now you do not have to pay anything for shipping home for this model that has microphone to be able to answer calls.

Interesting options in these Motorola headphones

Among other things it must be said that this is a device that is compatible with True Wireless, so there is no loss of information and in this way the quality that is achieved when reproducing all kinds of content is quite good. In addition, this model has passive noise cancellation, which efficiently prevents it from disturbing anything that exists around it. With all this, and taking into account that it is capable of working with a frequency of 20 to 20,000 Hz, you will not be disappointed when using them.

Motorola VerveBuds 500 headphones in white

With all that we have commented, and evaluating in a positive way that they can control reproductions in a simple way and without taking the phone out of your pocket, it is most interesting considering the great discount that exists to make the purchase that even allows access to the voice assistants in a simple way, such as Google’s own or Amazon Alexa.

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