models with a big discount

If we also find them on sale, all the better. For this reason, we are going to show below some of the controllers that can be shared with your Playstation that you can find on sale at a reduced price. Wireless or wired models with which to enjoy our favorite titles that now have a discount.

Controllers compatible with PS4 on sale


Compatible controller for wireless PS4 with asymmetric design of great comfort for those who have large hands. It has a large capacity battery, 1300 mAh, which gives it a range of more than 16 hours of uninterrupted play. It has all the necessary configurations, continuous shooting function, hall sensor and led light. The official price is 37.99 euros, but we can buy it now on offer at 32.29 euros.

Controller for PS4 PICTEK


This Zexrow is another of the controllers for PS4 compatible with the Sony console. A USB wired controller that is also PC-compatible and incorporates dual vibration for more realistic gameplay and two ergonomically designed analog joysticks for highly precise handling. The price of this remote is 26.99 euros, it has a non-slip grip and a cable length of 2.1 meters for greater freedom of movement. The sale price is 22.94 euros.

Controller for PS4 Zexrow


Controller or wireless controller for PS4 also compatible with Windows PC equipped with analog joysticks that offer very precise control. It has an ergonomic design that offers the most comfortable possible position for the thumb finger and buttons and levers with a great response speed for greater precision during the game. It offers a stable and powerful wireless connection and allows you to connect it to the PS4 system for charging. The original price is 32.99 euros, but we can get it now for only 28.04 euros.

JAMSWALL Controller for PS4

Nacon Compact remote

Nacon controller with a very attractive gray camouflage theme that offers a great gaming experience. Compatible with PS4 and specially designed for competitive gaming, this controller features a touch panel, vibration motors, and an LED player status indicator. It includes action buttons identical to those of PlayStation and an optimal ergonomic design for all types of games and players. Its official price is 39.90 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find on Ebay it is now possible to buy it for 34.99 euros.

Controller for PS4 Nacon

GEEMEE remote control

Wireless controller for PS4 also compatible with PC and that has interesting functions such as dual vibration, acceleration or gravity sensation, touch button, touch panel and 3.5 mm headphone jack. It also has an LED light and built-in speaker and a 6-axis sensor that offers great realism and precision to the command. It has a long-lasting battery, ergonomic design and an official price of 32.99 euros, but thanks to the Amazon offer it is possible to buy it now for 26.99 euros.

Controller for PS4 GEEMEE

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