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Also known as an odometer, this device will allow you to have a very accurate record of the distance you have traveled while cycling. It is true that your mobile phone can perform this function, but its measurements will be somewhat inaccurate, in addition to the fact that many users do not want to carry the smartphone with them while enjoying their cycling trips.

For this reason, we have prepared a selection where you will find the best odometers that you can buy to record every last parameter of your bicycle routes. In addition, we wanted to offer you models that are linked to your phone so that you can have the records on your smartphone comfortably.

Advantages of odometers

Cyclist with odometer

As we said, the greatest advantage that this device offers is the precision with which count the kilometers you have done. In addition, it must be borne in mind that this type of products boast very restrained dimensions, in addition to being very light. So, you should not worry about this aspect, since they will not bother you at all while you enjoy your cycling trips.

Regarding the installation process, the truth is that it is extremely simple. In addition, all the models we have selected are wireless, so you will not have to connect any cables to the wheel to know the distance you have traveled. It is also interesting to note that the different odometers we have chosen They are made of materials resistant to shocks and falls, so that if you suffer a small mishap you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Models to consider

Before leaving you with our particular selection of the best odometers that you can buy, it should be noted that we have chosen models that only function to count kilometers. But also you will find cyclocomputers, which are much more complete and offer other measurements.

Obviously, the price of the latter is higher, but in exchange you will not only have an odometer on your bike, but you will also be able to know the pedaling cadence, for example. In any case, we have selected models with different price ranges, so it will not be difficult for you to find the odometer that best suits your budget so that you do not miss the opportunity to buy this complete accessory for your bicycle. Without further ado, we leave you with our particular selection.

LIERSI cycle computer

LIERSI cycle computer

The first model that we want to recommend you is this LIERSI signature cycle computer. We are talking about one of the most complete products that you find if you want to know the kilometers you have done on your routes with the bicycle. In addition to performing the odometer functions, it has built-in maps so you can always know where you are going. The best? Its complete application that will allow you to record every last parameter on your mobile phone.

Garmin Edge 130 130

Garmin Edge 130 accessory

We already anticipate that the Swiss manufacturer is one of the great references when it comes to buying all kinds of gadgets for your bike, so you will find several solutions from this firm within our compilation. In this case we want to recommend the Garmin Edge 130 130, a complete cycle computer with odometer functions and much more.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

Garmin Edge 520 Plus odometer

Another of the best options to consider if you want a quality odometer, is this Garmin Edge 520 Plus. A product that boasts a 2.3-inch full-color screen so that you do not lose detail of the route you are taking. It incorporates advanced navigation functions and Garmin Cycle Map maps pre-installed so you don’t miss anything.

IGPSPORT bike computer

iGPSPORT speedo

Another heavyweight in the sector is iGPSPORT, a manufacturer that boasts a catalog of bicycle accessories that will not disappoint you at all. In this case, we want to recommend a complete cycle computer that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820

The latest Garmin model that we are going to recommend you is this Garmin Edge 820. A cycle computer that functions as an odometer to record your ride with great precision. Add a full color screen and you have a product that will more than satisfy your needs.

IGPSPORT bike computer

iGPSPORT speedo

We return to the manufacturer iGPSPORT to recommend another of their more complete cycling computers. Obviously it has an odometer function, so you will have at your fingertips the record of the kilometers you have traveled. And if that was not enough, it comes with the Waypoint navigation system so that you can take advantage of the possibilities of the GPS that it hides inside.


MEILAN BLADEContinuing with this compilation where you will find the best odometers for your bike, we want to recommend this MEILAN BLADE cycle computer. Say that it is a model that integrates odometer and offers support for ANT +, so you can save all the records of your routes on your mobile in the simplest way.



Be careful with this model, because it is one of the great bargains of our compilation. More than anything because this cycle computer boasts great ease of use, a battery life of up to 25 hours, support for Strava and a knockdown price.


XOSS G speedometer

Another of the best odometers that you can buy for your bike if you are on a tight budget is this XOSS G. A product that has built-in GPS and support for Strava. In addition, through its bluetooth connectivity you can synchronize all the data of your routes in a simple and comfortable way. Add to it its great autonomy, anti-glare screen and water resistance and you have a complete product at a very attractive price.

MEILAN M4 odometer


The latest model that we want to recommend if you are looking for a odometer that connects with your mobile, is this model
MEILAN M4. A cycle computer that has support for ANC +, as well as bluetooth connectivity so that you can have your routes registered on the phone in a comfortable way.

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