MIT researchers translate a spider web into music

cobweb sound

Scientists create melody from the vibrations of a spider web, for this they assigned a sound to each thread like a harp

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided translate a spiderweb on music. The specialists analyzed the signals produced by the spiders and recreated their sound.

With the help of computers and mathematical algorithms it was possible to create a melody of vibrations. For this, each thread was assigned a different sound.

To be able to musicalize the Spider webs, the researchers created different 3D models, subsequently analyzed the vibrations emitted by arthropods and recreated the sounds.

«The spider lives in an environment of vibrating strings. They don’t see very well, so they feel their world through vibrations, which have different frequencies, ”said Markus Buehler, an engineering professor at MIT.

During the sonification process, he was assigned musical notes to each of the movements of the Spider. This results in melodies, harmonies, rhythms and chords, that is, music made by arthropods.

“We also know, of course, that spiders use vibrations as a way of communicating with the environment. So this led us to think that maybe we could literally use them as an instrument, ”explained the MIT engineering professor.

According to experts, the movements of the spiders are not audible to the human ear, so it had to be used artificial intelligence to interpret the sounds.

“If you think of a bird, some people can emulate its sound. And that is something you can learn because they speak in the same frequency range and have the same type of auditory information, ”explained Buehler.

The specialist pointed out that musicalizing a spiderweb helps scientists study the behavior of spiders. Which could help you understand their behavior.

In this sense, Markus Buehler added that they are investigating whether it is possible that the music made by arthropods can understand their language and thus communicate with them.

“Translating the structure of a spider web into music could have applications ranging from better 3D printers to interspecies communication and otherworldly musical compositions”

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