Microsoft will present the new generation of Windows in June

The new generation of Windows will be presented this June. Microsoft declined to reveal more details about the major update to its operating system

After a series of rumors, Microsoft announced the date to present the new generation from Windows. This is the big update to your operating system.

On June 24, a virtual event will be held at 10 AM (CDMX time).


Without wanting to give more details about the new generation of Windows, Microsoft he just ran his ad with the message: “Join us to see what’s next for Windows.”

Microsoft CEO anticipates that it will be one of the most important updates

According to Satya Nadella, CEO of the company, it is “one of the most significant updates of the last decade to unlock a greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.”

At your developer event Microsoft, Satya Nadella stressed that Windows it has become a very important operating system for the company.

“In all the things that I have highlighted today, Windows is implicit. It has never been more important. More than 1.3 billion people use Windows 10 to work, learn, connect, and play. And it all starts with Windows as the development box. Windows brings all your development and collaboration tools together in one place. It allows you to choose the hardware you want, it works with Linux and Windows as one and has a modern terminal ”

Taking into account its importance in different sectors, the company will present a new generation that promises to meet all the needs of its users.

And soon we will share one of the most important updates to Windows of the last decade to unlock a greater economic opportunity for developers and creators. I’ve been testing it myself for the past few months and am incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows. We will create more opportunities for all Windows developers today and welcome all creators looking for the most innovative, new and open platform to create, distribute and monetize applications. We hope to share more very soon “

New features of the new generation of Windows

Rumors indicate that the new windows it would include a virtual application store open to all developers. That would even allow e-commerce platforms in apps.


The new generation from Windows shows a more minimalist design, where people can access different tasks faster.

“Windows 10X was introduced at the end of 2019, initially as the version of Windows 10 dedicated to the new product category of devices with two screens, but the company rethought its development and announced that it would be aimed at new equipment to take advantage of the potential of Cloud”

Some media have pointed out that Microsoft will also introduce some significant changes to the user interface of Windows with a code name ‘Sun Valley’.

The current version of this operating system was released in 2015. It is expected that the new generation of Windows reach users in the fall. Since it will first be implemented in the so-called Windows Insiders, who sign up to test new products after the event.


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