Microsoft will change Office’s default font


After 15 years, Microsoft announced that Calibri will no longer be the default font for Office and wants its users to choose

Microsoft is updating Office and for this it has asked its users for help. Through a statement the company asked its users to choose the typography which will be by default in your office suite.

Microsoft Typography

After 15 years, the company says goodbye to Calibri and look for a new font that appears in your different programs as determined.

When talking about a typography Default refers to the first impression users receive when entering the Office. It is also a visual identity that has traveled the world in school work, university, emails, resumes and others.

For it Microsoft presented 5 new fonts that they could stay in Office:

Tenorite: It is the closest thing to a traditional sans serif, but with a warmer and friendlier style. Its wide characters give an open type feel and it is more comfortable to read on different types of screen.


Bierstadt: It is a precise and contemporary sans serif. Bierstadt is synonymous with order and restraint in all types of Office documents.


Skeena: It is a sans serif typeface that has its origins in German road signs. It is designed to be read well from a distance and in poor conditions, it is ideal for reading in long format.


Seaford: It is a “humanistic” sans serif based on traditional options. Skeena can be a convenient option for long Office texts, but it also performs well on short passages, presentations, brochures, tables, and reports.


Grandview: This is a sans serif typeface that has its roots in the design of old-style serif text typefaces.


The news fonts they have a design more modern and minimalist which would give a new look to your office suite.

‚ÄúCalibri has been the default font for all things Microsoft since 2007, when it stepped in to replace Times New Roman in Microsoft Office. It has served us all well, but we believe it is time to evolve. To help us set a new direction, we have commissioned five original and custom fonts. “

Users will be able to vote for their favorite source through social networks. Before Calibri, Office had Times New Roman until Word 2007.

Microsoft indicated that the change of the font will be available in the packages of office 365, as well as in its version in the cloud.

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