Microsoft to launch mini fridge with Xbox Series X design

What started as a meme could now come true with the production of an Xbox Series X-themed mini fridge

One of the consoles that has created the most expectations is the Xbox series x, the console Microsoft which was released last year has generated both good and bad reviews.

Beyond its operation, the device has attracted the attention of people due to its design which has caused endless memes, it was even compared to a mini fridge.


Far from getting angry Microsoft took the idea of ​​his users with humor and decided to convert his Xbox series x in a mini fridge. On Twitter, Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Manager for Xbox, launched a survey where users were asked if they would like to actually see it.

Specifically, they wondered if they preferred a lemon-flavored Skittles edition or a mini fridge with the look of the Xbox Series X console. The big winner being the idea of ​​a device to cool your products.

“Thanks to everyone who voted, it was exciting to follow this through to the end. And now that Xbox has won, we will follow through on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Coolers. The first in the line will be packed with games and of course we will ship it to our friends at Skittles, ”said Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Manager. from Xbox.

The refrigerators will begin production this 2021

According to the company, it would start with the production of its coolers. Greenberg confirmed the new Xbox Series X mini fridge and he warned that this is not an innocent joke.

On the outside they would look practically the same as the console and inside they house a green light, characteristic of the products of Microsoft. Although there is no release date yet, production is expected to begin this year.

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that a fridge with the design of the Xbox series xBecause last year the company made three full-size functional refrigerators that look like the X Series.

He gave one to Youtuber Justine Ezarik, better known as iJustine, who made an unboxing video showing the product. Another was given to the rapper Snoop dogg. The fate of the latter is not yet clear, some say it will be raffled through social media and others that it will be auctioned.


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