Microsoft Teams introduces new features

The collaborative work platform Microsoft Teams has introduced new functions aimed at education, including that of ‘Reading Progress’, which allows students to improve their fluency when reading texts.

Teams has enhanced its educational functions with the incorporation of over 30 enhancements for teachers and students seeking to improve distance learning, as Microsoft announced in a statement.

Among the new functions stands out ‘Reading progress’ or ‘Reading progress’, a tool built into Teams for free that allows students to Practice your reading skills by repeating tasks aloud in a supervised manner.

This system seeks to combat the decline in young people’s reading skills in recent years, and allows teachers to Save time creating reading fluency assignments. for the whole class or for individual students. To correct them, count on automatic functions that analyze English pronunciation.

Students who use it can visualize your progress through a data section holistic, with its precision and ratio of words per minute, as well as common pronunciation errors, and it also allows them to practice at their own pace and use the tool as many times as they need.

Microsoft has incorporated other educational innovations into Teams, including the group tasks, the third-party application integration to submit assignments, new forms of calendar integration, and updates from managed learning tool providers.

Other new features in Teams focus on ‘games’, such as integration of the educational special edition of the Minecraft video game with Teams through topics or questions, and with a specific version for camps and clubs outside the classroom.

Likewise, Teams has been enriched with Reflect, an ‘app’ for teachers that helps them conduct regular reviews with each individual student, while OneNote has improved its capabilities to integrate content into Teams.

In addition, the platform has improved its security with the introduction of supervised chats, which will be available at the end of May and will allow students to start talks only with the teachers present, who will not be able to leave the talk with students present or be eliminated, to avoid cases of harassment.

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