Microsoft Store commissions will be reduced from 30 to 12%

MADRID, April 29 (2021) –

Microsoft has modified the commission policy of its digital platform for applications and video games for PC, Microsoft Store, which previously had 30 percent of all payments, but now it will go to reduce this rate to 12 percent.

From next August 1, developers of applications and games for PC you will get 88 percent of sales that are carried out in the Microsoft Store, while the rest will go to the American company.

This represents a reduction compared to current fees, which it’s 30 percent, and are due to the “commitment to empower each creator of PC games to achieve more”, as Microsoft has assured through a statement.

This measure comes after both Apple and Google decided lower commissions from the App Store and Google Play, respectively, that from 30 they went to 15 percent for the first million dollars collection of applications, although above this figure, the rate is again 30 percent.

In the case of Microsoft Store, commissions are the same regardless of billing, so they will remain at 12 percent regardless of income level.

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