Microsoft says goodbye to Windows Media Player and already has its replacement

Media player

With the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft has made different changes to its operating system and now says goodbye to its classic Windows Media Player

After a long wait Microsoft He launched Windows 11, this is the biggest update of your OS with which great improvements are presented in its interface to make navigation more intuitive.

Among the changes that came with this update is the removal of classic Windows Media Player. This player arrived in 1991 and for 20 years it has been kept in the operating system.

Windows Media Player

However it was revealed that Microsoft It is already working on its replacement, which could present great improvements for its users.

According to the company it is a new player which will bring a better experience to users.

The new Media player arrives to replace the application Groove music and to WMP. Playlists on this platform will automatically migrate to the player.

What is the new Windows 11 player like?

According to the first reports the new Media Player it has a music library where you can easily browse and play music. In addition to that you can create and manage playlists.

Although all content will appear automatically, folders can also be added manually.

It has a design according to Windows 11 with light and dark modes, minimalist controls and transparencies.

“Playback view in this new app will include album art or artist images, which will appear in both full screen mode and mini player option”

Windows Media Player new

The new Media Player streamlines your access with improved keyboard shortcuts and access key support for keyboard users and other assistive technologies.

All Windows Insiders on the Dev channel have started testing the new Media player for Windows 11.

“At this stage, members of the Insider Program will be able to provide feedback to help improve the application before widespread deployment.”

The new Media Player It is barely in the development phase so it could take time to reach all users.

Microsoft He promised to keep working on his player to keep up with today’s demands. This is not to say that the old Windows Media Player or Groove Music disappear immediately, as they will continue to be available.

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