Microsoft now allows password-free login


For added security, Microsoft noted that users will be able to log in without using passwords as there will be new methods

Worldwide the passwords are used for log in on different user accounts, however they are vulnerable to cyber attacks or guesses.

Although experts recommend to use strong passwordsIn recent years, hackers have managed to access hundreds of accounts by obtaining people’s personal data.


That is why Microsoft announced that it will offer new access systems to protect the information of individuals.

The new feature will be available for Windows, Xbox, Skype, OneDrive services.

Those of Redmond announced that their users will be able to log in via Authenticator, Windows Hello, physical security keys or SMS codes.

This is not a new feature as it was already an option for your business users. With his new methods Microsoft seeks to reduce the number of hacks on its customers.

Users of Microsoft they can now access the new systems to log in. However, individuals must make changes to the security of their account.

How to enter Microsoft without using a password?

Microsoft stressed that in order to log in without password you need to download Microsoft Authenticator. Next, we tell you how to do it step by step.

Microsoft login

  • Download Microsoft Authenticator for iOS or Android from the App Store or Play Store.
  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and follow the steps to link the account.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account on a computer.
  • Click on the profile logo in the upper right corner and tap on My Microsoft account.
  • Enter Security and then Security Panel.
  • Enter the password again and click Advanced Security Options.
  • In the Additional security section, select Activate in Account without passwords.
  • Accept the request in the Microsoft Authenticator application on your mobile.

From that moment the password will be disabled to access the different services of Microsoft. The company explained that people will be able to reverse this procedure at any time to use it again. passwords.

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