Meta creates a haptic glove that allows you to touch virtual objects

To facilitate interaction in the metaverse, Meta developed a haptic glove that allows the user to touch virtual objects as if they were physical

Several years Goal has been working on creating your metaverse. As part of his virtual universe, he is developing a haptic glove that allows to touch virtual objects as if they were physical.

This device would be very useful to improve human-computer interaction, in addition to offering a more realistic experience.

haptic glove

Goal highlighted that its creation allows reproduce sensations like the smoothness of a surface, the edges of a cardboard and even the tactile response of a keyboard.

“The haptic feedback will transmit pressure, texture and vibration to generate an effect that is believable”

The prototype of this haptic glove it is covered by inflatable fluted plastic pads known as ‘actuators’. These tiny motors can be adjusted to each person’s hands and fingers.

This device would function as a remote control virtual reality. In order to follow the movement of the haptic glove, small markers will be placed on the back of the user that with the help of internal sensors will be able to capture when the fingers are bent.

What is the function of the Meta glove?

According to the company, its team will provide a unique experience to its users because when a player is played virtual object the user will feel the same pressure that they would feel if they touched it in the real world.

“When grasping a virtual object, the actuators on the long fingers will stiffen, creating a sense of resistance. These sensations are combined with visual and sound signals to produce the illusion of physical touch “

meta haptic glove

According to its creators, there is still time for the haptic glove can go on the market. However, it is an example of what the company is looking for with its metaverse, and it is that he hopes that there is a fusion between sight, sound and touch to create a real experience.

“We use our hands to communicate with others, to learn about the world and to act in it. We can take advantage of a lifetime of motor learning if we can bring the full presence of the hands to augmented reality and virtual reality. People could touch, feel and manipulate virtual objects just like real ones, all without having to learn a new way of interacting with the world »

Currently Goal is working to create the right materials so that users can take their haptic glove.

Among the difficulties that have been found is controlling the heat that is produced by the motors, in addition they tend to be rigid, large and consume a lot of energy.

Goal The way to make it easier is being sought because the idea is that people feel comfortable using it.

“They should be elegant, comfortable, affordable, durable and fully customizable”


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