Meet the real wrestler who inspired the making of ‘Shrek’ 20 years ago

Exactly twenty years ago, one of the animated films that would completely change the way of seeing cinema was released. Shrek It is by far the favorite of children and adults, which keeps many references and nods to other emblematic films. And, if you consider yourself a huge fan of the fearsome ogre, did you know that there was a real person who inspired its creation?

There is a theory that says that Shrek was inspired by a fighter with gigantism - Blog Hola Telcel

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There is a theory that says Dreamworks, producer and creator of Shrek, was inspired by a real person to bring to life the huge green ogre, whose name was Maurice tillet. Many years have passed and so far the company has not confirmed or denied this theory, but why is it believed to be real?

Do youShrek was inspired by the wrestler Maurice Tillet for its creation?

Maurice Tillet was born in Russia in 1903, but grew up in France due to the nationality of his parents. His childhood was quite normal, like the rest of the children, however, at the age of twenty something began to change in Maurice. His hands and part of his face began to swell, so he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with acromegaly.

Acromegaly is an endocrine disease, often caused by a tumor that significantly increases growth hormone; This caused the size of various parts of his body to grow much larger, such as the jaw, feet, head and arms, something similar to gigantism.

"The wrestler Maurice Tillet, who looks like Shrek, suffered from acromegaly - Hello Telcel blog

Best of all, for Maurice Tillet acromegaly was an opportunity to make himself known in the world and he decided to become a wrestling competitor, where he managed to become an exceptional champion. At the time of his death, at the age of 51, Maurice was already a legend, they created several busts and commemorative photographs to remember his great career.

Maurice Tillet and his wife, a wrestler who is believed to have inspired the creation of Shrek.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Maurice Tillet and his wife.

Maurice Tillet became an ogre?

Many years later, in 2001, it was released Shrek in all the movie theaters and wrestling lovers immediately identified the similarities between the ogre and Maurice Tillet; from the shape of his face, his huge hands and even the size of his body. With all that, DreamWorks never claimed that the creation of the character was based on the renowned fighter.

The resemblance between Maurice Tillet and Shrek that very few had noticed - Blog Hola Telcel

But what is certain is that the success of Shrek spawned many more movies like Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever: The Final Chapter, which you can enjoy for purchase or rent through Clear video, taking advantage of that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 3000 or higher You have access to the catalog of movies and series with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

Shrek is celebrating twenty years of its premiere.- Blog Hola Telcel

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Very few knew about this theory about one of the most acclaimed animated films of all time and now you are one of the lucky ones. Do you think it’s real? Do Shrek and Maurice Tillet have any resemblance? Let us know! 😊

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