Meet ‘Limits’, the new Instagram tool to avoid being disturbed

The popularity of Instagram It has grown so much that, in addition to being a social network, it has also become a work tool and a place to express ideas, tastes and beliefs. An app where everyone has the freedom to share any photo, video, reel or history, but where they are also exposed to comments haters or offensive messages.

This forced Instagram to take the necessary measures and stop the harassment. For this he created ‘Limits’ or ‘Limits’, a tool that puts a temporary stop to unwanted interactions. A function that was unveiled a few months ago and is now official on the platform, presented by Adam Mosseri, Instagram boss.

Limits, the new Instagram function to prevent harassment - Hola Telcel blog

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“Maybe you are in school, or you are in a sad moment, or you changed schools, or you are simply a professional footballer and you are receiving a lot of harassment. Whatever it is, we know that people sometimes go through moments of real risk and pain, and we need tools to protect ourselves. “ Mosseri mentioned in a statement.

Adam Mosseri’s words refer to the English soccer team, who lost the final of the Eurocup and were surrounded by negative comments. So the arrival of Limits it was necessary.

Instagram integrated Limits, in order to avoid cyber harassment and bullying - Blog Hola Telcel

How to activate Limits on your Instagram profile?

First, make sure to update your Instagram app to get the new tools that the app has integrated. You can do it from the Play Store by clicking on the button ‘Update’. Then just follow this procedure:

1. Open Instagram.
2. In your profile, click on the menu with three lines located in the upper right corner.
3. Choose the option that says ‘Setting’ and then select ‘Privacy’.

4. In the section ‘Interactions’ click on the option ‘Limitations’.

5. A new screen will appear where Instagram explains what this new feature is about. After having read it, click on the button ‘Continue’.

6. Now only activate who you want to limit: ‘Accounts that don’t follow you’ Y Recent Followers. Also specify how long you want the feature to be active.
7. Finally click on the button ‘Activate’ and ready.

How to activate Limits on your Instagram profile - Hola Telcel blog

More features to protect your account: ‘Hidden Words’

Another of the functions that Instagram will enable very soon is that of ‘Hidden words’, with which it will be possible to block certain words that seem offensive to you, to automatically filter phrases, comments or emojis that you do not want to receive in your publications or private messages.

Hidden words, another feature that will come to Instagram very soon.- Blog Hola Telcel

It is unknown when the function will be active ‘Hidden words’, but it is expected very soon, since in some parts of the world it is already available. Meanwhile, you can set Limits and enjoy Instagram freely and without worries, taking advantage of the unlimited social networks that your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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What do you think of the new security measures for Instagram? Share this information with all your friends and avoid being disturbed on the famous social network. 😉

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