Meet Bird Buddy, the first smart bird feeder at CES 2022!

After a long wait and a last remote edit, the CES 2022, the largest technology and electronics fair in the world, in which major brands present their most innovative products and services. One of them is Bird Buddy, a project developed thanks to a Kickstarter crowdfunding effort, This is the first smart bird feeder!

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that can track and name all the birds that feed there - Blog Hola Telcel

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Bird buddy is a smart bird feeder that can track and name all the birds let them feed there. It is a new ideal device for nature lovers, those who adore birds and learn more about them, or for those who are preparing to dedicate themselves to the care and study of animals.

How does Bird Buddy, the first intelligent birdbath, work?

The trough Bird buddy It has a device that takes a photo of all the birds that visit, drink or eat there, and then analyze its characteristics and determine the type of bird it is. After the analysis is done, it sends a notification to the phone of the owner of the feeder with the photo of the bird, which can be shared from any social network and a subscription to the application is not necessary.

The best of all is that Bird buddy It allows set up the high resolution camera to get the best photos. In addition, it has add-ons that allow it to easily adapt to any home, such as a sunroof, a variety of mounts and Wi-Fi connection so it can be linked to any smartphone, especially to the one who will receive the notifications.

Bird Buddy can connect up to three different smartphones to receive notifications - Hola Telcel blog

On the other hand, the app has the ability to identify more than a thousand different types of species and track those that fly near the device. The app also allows users to switch between bird feeders and share photos with other users.

If you love birds, this device should be your next purchase!

Other benefits of Bird buddy and its application is that the device allows you to connect with three smartphones different and the app is available in several languages. Also, Bird Buddy notifies users when birdseed is running low, supports the weight of a squirrel and is designed for any type of space.

It is unknown when Bird Buddy will be available to the public, but as shared in the CES 2022It will cost $ 199 dollars, which is equivalent to just over $ 4,000 Mexican pesos.

Bird Buddy recognizes up to a thousand different species of birds - Hola Telcel blog
Photos: Bird Buddy

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