Medion laptop with Windows 10 with a big discount and free shipping

The team we are talking about has everything necessary to be a good solution for both personal and professional use. In other words, it is a model that will always be useful to you. An example of what we say is that it has a very solvent main hardware, since inside there is a processor Intel Core i3-7020U which is undemanding in energy consumption and, in addition, is accompanied by 4 GB RAM. This, among other things, allows the operating system Windows 10 work without the slightest problem in all kinds of situations on this Medion S4403.

Medion S4403 laptop in stand mode

But if there is something that stands out in this Medion laptop is that it has a screen of 14 inch, some measurements that are very good and that are not especially small, but not large either (which makes the equipment quite small, since they remain at 41.8 x 35 x 10.6 centimeters). This component allows you to enjoy content problems on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, since it has resolution Full HD. Dog, in addition, thanks to the hinges of the equipment can be placed in any position that is needed, even in Lectern Mode, since it allows a 360ยบ turn.

Good deal that exists on Amazon

If for now this Medion laptop meets what you are looking for, when you know that there is in the aforementioned online store a 20% discount, sure that your interest increases considerably. This represents a most striking saving, since we are talking about 120 euros for a model that is finished in aluminum And that is why its weight is well below two kilos (so carrying it from one side to the other is something that is very comfortable). We leave the purchase link below, where you do not have to pay anything for the shipping to your home if you are one of those who have an Amazon Prime account.

Good connectivity this Medion laptop

Here you will not find any cracks in the Medion S4403, since for example in the wireless section you will find everything you may need today: both Wifi to access the internet as Bluetooth to connect accessories such as headphones. But it does not lack good options in the physical connections either, since in this device you can find three USB ports (two of them type C); Memory card reader; And, of course, there is a headphone jack in case it is necessary.

Medion S4403 laptop keyboard

With all that we have discussed, and taking into account that this complete Medion laptop includes a 128 GB SSD internal disk, which in principle is a suitable option so as not to constantly resort to external devices, you should not stop reviewing the possible purchase of this computer because it even meets without problems in autonomy, since it reaches the eight hours of use No problem.

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