Measure art by how long people look at it

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They created the technology ShareArt that allows to monitor the appreciation and use of works of art depending on how long people look at them

Art and technology have shown that they can coexist to improve people’s experience. That is why a new system that allows to measure the artworks depending on how long people look at them.

Is about ShareArt, a new method that would rate the art depending on people’s reactions. In this way, it seeks to be closer to what users want.

“System to monitor the appreciation and use of works of art by visitors. Thanks to artificial intelligence and big data applications “


The technology was created by Italy’s National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), and tested for the first time in Bologna.

Through a statement it was highlighted that ShareArt measures satisfaction towards a artwork based on different data obtained from visitors.

For this, a series of cameras is used that capture people’s attention and the time they spend on each work of art.

“Through a camera placed near the work, the system automatically detects the faces that look in the direction of the work itself. Acquiring data related to the behavior of the observers such as, for example, the path traveled to approach, the number of people who have observed, the time and distance of observation, the gender, the age class and the mood of the the visitors who observe “

What could be its role for museums? “

ShareArt I would help museums with more ideas to improve their exhibition by knowing the pieces that are most attractive and what angle people prefer with facial recognition.

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“With an analysis of concrete data they can highlight strengths and possible critical problems. And evaluate possible improvements to optimize the exhibition of the works themselves and the route of the visit. Then measuring the effects of the actions carried out by processing a large amount of data “

Among the results that have been obtained, it is found that most viewers do not observe a work for more than four or five seconds. While the maximum time that the best works capture does not exceed 15 seconds of observation.

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