Matute and his super friends, a special concert for their 14th anniversary!

If music from the eighties is playing, it is because Hooch it’s in the house! The renowned group, which has shone thanks to its incredible covers of classic songs, are celebrating today, as they have been in existence for fourteen years and with it a great surprise for all the fans who have accompanied them since then.

Hooch and his super friends is the online concert which will be available to everyone. A show full of music and memories, with the purpose of celebrating and bringing back the eighties with great guest artists: Kalimba, Ari Borovoy, Laureano Brizuela, Benny Ibarra, Yahir, Tren a Marte, Rocío Banquells and Paco Ayala ( Molotov).

Hooch, celebrating fourteen years

The appointment is next Friday, April 16, 2021 at 9 pm. A concert that the members themselves have defined as something special. A revival of each of his albums through a show like no other.

Best of all, there will be no shortage of Matute’s greatest hits, those covers with which they became known and won the affection of the public. If you want to start rehearsing your songs from now on, through Clear music you can enjoy topics like Power Cassette, Let’s Play Y Heart Ballads and go rehearsing before the big night.

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Take part in the special concert Hooch and his super friends sponsored by Claro Música and celebrates with the group fourteen years of history. Also, do not stop being aware of Telcel experiences to win tickets and live an experience like no other on April 16. 😎

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